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There are probably dozens of food mods just for Minecraft. However, that fact does not stop people from producing more and more new interesting food mods for the game. Among them, the McFood mod is considered one of great food mods available right now, featuring more than a dozen food items together with a custom mob, which’s actually quite unique compared to the others.
In fact, there are some mods like that before, however, no one reaches the level like Craftable Waypoints mod does. The players must really do a very good job in this mod when they need to make waypoints which are crafted unlike the others. In particular, players need to put all waypoint recipes in the crafting table so that you can access to. Besides, players can color the waypoints towards thei
Mapwriter 2 Mod provides players with a minimap and a kind of short range underground mode that shows lots of information about the surroundings. This is probably one of the most fully developed open source maps for your Minecraft client. With this mod, you can easily set waypoints just by right clicking, zoom in or out with your mouse wheel, save the spots that you have explored. It also brings
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This mod provides you some new features about Redstone.Those are repeaters, pistons, the command block and a slime block.
The MalisisBlocks is really an excellent mod that takes two different blocks and fills them together in a way that one-half of the outcome looks like one and the other half looks like the other. A special tool helps this mod to make this thing happen. The tool is a kind of the block mixer that basically crushes these two blocks and blends their textures together. During the mixing process, using
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